Turning your community & audience into assets

Los Angeles / Miami

About Us


Who Are We

We are a team with more than a decade of digital strategy and execution success, more than twenty years of experience and success in the technology sector, and more than fifteen years of experience in tv/film industry.

What We Do

We work to turn your community and audience into quantifiable assets that you can leverage for your career advancement. For example, when you are looking to make a career move, you have hard numbers representing the demographics that you currently reach via social media as an asset to present to a future network or brand. This asset along with your talent work together to showcase you as someone who can positively impact a network's or brand's audience and revenue.

How Do We Do It?

Using our proprietary software and years of digital strategy execution experience, we mine and grow your existing social media community/audience and quantify it to project your value to networks and brands. Our goal is to grow your professional brand and extend your reach.

What We Ask of our Clients?

Our clients are our partners. We require them to be open to expanding into new brand opportunities, embrace new media and technology, take the “long game” approach to their branding and career goals.



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